About Us

We at Light & Life Wesleyan believe that God loves not only us, but everyone so much that He gave us Jesus to believe in, and that Jesus is the answer for our life here on earth, and our life in eternity! Our statement is:  LOVE,  LIVE, WORK, CARE.

What We As Wesleyans Believe:   The Wesleyan Church is a Protestant Denomination.We’re people with loving hearts who strive to reach persons of every nation with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Born out of the 19th century struggle for personal freedom, we are called to minister to the needs of a twenty-first century culture with a message of hope and holiness.

What We Do:  As followers of Jesus we want to grow in our relationship with God and with each other; encouraging others to actively live out their personal faith with a Missional Perspective.  (To live out the Christian life everyday, to bless others using Jesus as our example). For more information about the Wesleyans log on to:   http://www.wesleyan.org