Tabernacle (Miniature)

Light & Life Wesleyan Church has built a miniature Wilderness Tabernacle, 30” by 48”. This is to go along with their study of the Tabernacle and the symbolism therein. The Tabernacle was a portable sanctuary that served as the center for Israelite worship from the Exodus of Egypt to the building of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem. God gave Moses a blueprint for this Tabernacle and gifted craftsmen to execute the work precisely as specified. Pastor Sam Maddox has a dream to build a life-size, 150’ by 75’, Tabernacle on church property for the churches 10th anniversary.

A life-size Ark of the Covenant was built last year for Light & Life Wesleyan Church’s study of that piece of the Tabernacle.

Ron Kline building miniature Tabernacle

Getting started


Painting ceremonial washing bowl

Inside the Holy of Holies

Ron and Gwen Kline with Tabernacle