Missional Journey

The missional journey of LLWC:

God has called us to reach out to the community we live in, we are working hard to touch the lives of those in our own community

Have you ever gone on a journey? An unexpected journey? A journey where you did not know where you were going or how you would get there? A journey that began when something powerful and unanticipated got your attention?

That describes the Missional Journey of Light and Life Wesleyan Church, a journey the began over three years ago. This is a journey that has a goal with some specific milestones that mark progress but not the route. This journey began when the Holy Spirit prompted us to minister to the community of Three Rivers, Michigan. God was calling us to touch the lives of those people who were in our own backyard.

We did not know the specific path to follow but we had a process that would lead us on this journey of discovery. We did not know the specific destination but we knew the specific goal, ministering to those around us in a more effective way.

We would all agree that the world around us has changed significantly in our lifetime, the older you are the more changes you have seen. That being the situation we had to discuss the world around us and our community.

The process we have been following is as follows: Awareness, Understanding, Evaluation, Trials & Commitment. Currently we have progressed to Evaluation with some Trials, like this newsletter. We have not yet committed long term to any new missional activity. It is important to say that LLWC was already Missional in it’s activity. We are being cautious and intentional as we move forward.

We are also learning about our congregation and personal shape. In other words what are we gifted with the ability to do? We know we cannot do everything, so we want to do those things that God has equipped us to do well. We also know that we cannot and should not copy what others do because we are unique in situation and ability.

If you want to know more about the LLWC missional journey you can ask Pastor Sam Maddox or any of his fellow travelers.