G.R.O.W.  Outreach Team   (God Rewards Our Work)

Tuesday’s  at 3:00 PM, you will find people here at LLWC. Every Sunday we offer a chance for our congregation to REach Out by filling out an Encouragement Card. We take care of the rest including postage! We pray over every card or note we send. We also visit those in their homes to encourage them in their walk with God! Its our way of helping to Reach Out In 2018!

Those who help with G.R.O.W. are caring, loving individuals and here are some of their comments:

“It’s great fellowship. People drop in to just say hello and see how you’re doing. It’s nice! It makes me  feel good that I’m doing something, and I like praying for people, too.”    Lee Gillespie

“I just want to give something back and I wanted to do more in the church. I enjoy working with others and the togetherness it brings.”   Yolanda Doleman.

I was so grateful for the G.R.OW. team taking the time to visit me us in our home. What a great way to encourage us since we’ve been unable to attend church.  “Church Member”