Continued Response To Our National Challenge

 Update: June 3,2020 1o:10 A.M.

Check out our new Facebook Page: Light And Life Wesleyan Church or use the hyperlink to your right.

We are encouraged and excited to begin the journey back to a sense of normal but still with Social Distancing in our worship services. We continue to provide a clean safe place of worship for all. Our worship begins at 9:30. For If you are unable, uncomfortable or ill, join us on FaceBook live..

  Thank you for supporting the ministry at LLWC. We’re excited to begin the process of returning to our regular ministry and activities. Pray for those in authority and those who help us in every way! Be an example in your faith.

  • Check in on each other. Brighten one another’s day. Pray for those in our hospitals, nursing care facilities and those forced to stay home.
  • May God be our source and strength not only now but always.

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