Continued Updates

Update: November 13, 2020 2:00 P.M.

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  • Thanksgiving is approaching soon! Many businesses decided instead of competing for your dollar on Thanksgiving Day they would allow their employees to enjoy our National Holiday with their families! What a novel idea!  Our nation is not about economy or politics, it is about the families that make up communities large and small across our nation!
  •      We continue to reach out to our communities to serve. Remember those who serve or nation in our armed forces around the world. they are away from their loved ones. Pray for our local communities, state, and our nation as we navigate continued uncertain times.  Jesus is the answer! He has been and always will be!   Practice the Word by being God’s hands and feet to others in your communities.  
  • Our congregation represents 13 different zipcodes. Wherever you are practice shining your light!